Sneakers Spotted in Anime -

Sneakers Spotted in Anime

 Sneakers spotted in Anime

Slam dunk is an Anime inspired by Basketball that tells the story about the basketball team from Shōhoku High School. Talk abott basketball we can’t separated with sneakers culture, so the sneakers be the big part of the Anime and always have spotlight. As an anime you can spot several sneakers being worn by the players including a few Reebok Pumps and Onitsuka sneakers, and also the iconic Air Jordan. There are some sneakers spotted in anime.

Not only Slam Dunk, anime like Initial-D that tells a story about downhill drift race also shows some sneakers like New Balance. Here’s some scrernshot of sneakers from anime that I found in anime.

spotted Air Jordan 1 Bred in Slam dunk

air jordan 1 bred Sneakers Spotted in Anime

Reebok Pump has been spotted

reebok pump Sneakers Spotted in Anime

sneakers Air Jordan VI “Infrared”

air jordan VI infra red Sneakers Spotted in Anime

the Air Jordan 8 “Aqua” spotted

air jordan VIII aqua

New Balance and Nike’s initial-D

The bonus

Storeman that hanamichi bought AJ VI for 27 cents 

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