Quick Tips for Getting a Job

Quick Tips for Getting a Job

Finding a job is a difficult thing to do. Some people take a long time to get it, but some don’t take long, and some even move easily from one company to another. Sometimes you must feel bored during the job search. 1-2 months may not be so annoying, 3-4 months maybe you can still be patient, but 5-7 months you still haven’t got a job or even a test call, you must immediately change your total strategy in finding work. For that, here are tips so you can quickly get a job:

Quick Tips for Getting a Job

Find as much information as possible about the field of work that interests you

The first thing you should do is hunt for job vacancies. Because job vacancies information will not come to you by itself. Use all available media resources, for example:


Newspapers are the most popular media in terms of providing job information. So that you don’t miss out, try subscribing to the newspaper or to save even more by subscribing to a special newspaper for Saturdays and Sundays, which contain more job advertisements than other days.


You can browse the internet, join job search sites such as www.karir.com or www.jobsdb.com, or complete it by selling yourself through creating your personal blog (so that you can also be known by job vacancies).


Frequently you visit your campus, because it is not uncommon for companies to post recruitment publications there.

Looking for Job Opportunities That Match the Target

There is so much information on job vacancies, choose the vacancies that roughly match your abilities and qualifications, so that the opportunity to be called for a test is greater, choose vacancies with the needs of entry-level employees or fresh graduates. Usually this kind of vacancy accepts applicants with minimal or even inexperienced work experience.

Take advantage of the opportunity to meet face to face with people who are looking for employees

When you hear that a vacancy is currently being opened at a company where a friend works, don’t hesitate to ask for his help to meet with the company. This will open your network. In addition, try to meet face to face with people who work in the field you want. Who knows at a later stage, you will have to be interviewed by them about a specific field of work.

Meet Alumni Who Are Working In Your Desired Field

There is so much information about job vacancies and about how the work will be in the future from your seniors in college. Who knows, someone may have found the job you’ve always wanted. Therefore do not hesitate to come and join the alumni event .

Use Family Connection

If you are usually lazy to come to family events, now come diligently. Who knows, in the company where another cousin or relative works, there is a vacancy that is currently being opened but not publicly announced.

Use Community Relations

If you have a hobby in a certain way, it’s a good idea to be more active in the community, don’t shut yourself down. For example, the bicycle community, the photography community, the futsal community, etc. Because in this community, you will meet many people from various work backgrounds. There you can create networks, business networks and obtain information that may not be published publicly by their companies. Remember the jargon statement that, “Many business problems are solved on the golf course”

Learn Job Hunt Preparation

You need to learn everything related to looking for a job, starting from making a good application letter, a professional resume, Employee Admissions Exam Materials, Interview Clothing, Job Interview Procedures, etc., considering this is not taught at all in lectures. Because based on experience, it will be very loss and regrettable, if you waste the opportunity to undergo testing just because of your unpreparedness and small mistakes.


Make it a habit to always do an evaluation after the testing/interview process you do. Think as if you haven’t been accepted to work at the company where you just did the testing/job interview. Go back to things that you think you are having trouble with, for example during a psychological test or during a focus group discussion. Self introspection, keep practicing and looking for references either through books, the internet or asking friends. So that in terms of quality, you can continue to improve and be more ready to compete from testing to testing (learning by doing). Because experience is the most useful teacher.

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