How and Why to Quit Smoking

How and Why to Quit Smoking

Most people know all about the ill-effects of the smoking, it’s been on TV, it’s on billboards, in UK the adverts are quite brutal, and in Malaysia there is a ‘Tak Nak’ campaign against smoking.

How and Why to Quit Smoking

Even then, smokers find it very hard to give up smoking permanently even though we are bombarded with pictures like this.

Nicotine, an integral part of cigarette, is an addictive substance. It also becomes habitual, as I mentioned previously, you associate smoking with certain things, so you keep smoking.

The natural tendency of your body would be to oppose your will to quit as it becomes hungry for nicotine and those horrible cravings come back. But, as we all well know, smoking has many bad side effects..

Before you undertake the journey to quitting you should know clearly why. Why should you give up a thing which your body enjoys? Why do we need to quit? You should have a strong and clear idea of why YOU want to quit.

Some of the common ill-effects for smoking are :

  • Higher risk of lung/throat cancer
  • Higher risk of heart diseases.
  • Bad breath and stained teeth.
  • Making people around you also suffer( passive smoking)
  • Serious breathing problems.
  • Good looks vanish and wrinkles develop sooner
  • Risk of stomach ulcers and acid reflux.
  • Lower athletic ability & longer recovery time
  • Money wasted.
  • Impotency (especially for menthol) – The one that worries all guys.
  • Last but not the least, setting up wrong examples for your children.

Of course once you are aware of all the ill-effects, the next question is how? How to quit smoking?

  • You need to make up your mind and live up to your commitments. Giving up smoking isn’t easy for anyone and it won’t be for you. You need to commit to your goal, the first step you can take is to make a list of reasons for quitting smoking and keep that list with you all the time. Always go through the list when you have an urge to smoke, it will help you to control the cravings for nicotine. At least in your mind you have to be very clear why you stop, when you have an urge, just recall the reasons.
  • Get the right support, guidance and encouragement. Ask your family and friends to support you during these days. Tell the people that smoke around you not to offer you ciggarettes, and preferably don’t smoke near you. Their support will make it easier for you. Use sites like this one to help you quit smoking. Consult your doctor for medical advice, he should be able to give you some helpful telephone hotlines numbers or self help material.
  • Don’t give up even when you really really want to smoke. Just increase your will power. You and only you can make it happen, but the help of others will help. Remember, ” Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything.”

Remember, you will not die if you stop smoking, in fact quite the opposite. You will save money, you will become fitter and healthier and you will benefit those around you. You might feel hungrier in the beginning which can lead to a minor weight gain but trust me, it is all worth giving up smoking for minor weight gain. You may also have some problems concentrating and you will be uncomfortable for the first 1-2 weeks. But this is part and parcel of taking a positive step to leading a healthier life. It is worth it.

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