Breakfast is a must

Breakfast is a must

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Breakfast is a must, but sometime people don’t want to eat breakfast because they are  in a hurry or they didn’t use to eat breakfast. Do eat your bread before leaving your house for work. Breakfast is very important to support your body even you are on diet.

Breakfast is a must

Indonesian people are very famous to have a diet that does not keep a balanced nutritional value. Fried rice which is too oily, for example, often used as a breakfast menu. After that, Padang rice lunch that also tends to lean. There also are reluctant to choose to eat big foods but have a big  lunch.

Everyone will have different habits in regulating his diet, according to Rina Poerwadi, founder of the community of healthy cooking Mom Can Cook. However, it does not mean that habit can not be changed for the better. Don’t leave your drinks even only a glass of milk.

“Do not get no breakfast because breakfast will affect the energy required to work,” said Rina, as talk shows about the results of research “Second Meal Effect”, which was held by SOYJOY and Prof. Dr. Ir Made Astawan, MS, in Kuningan Suites Jakarta.

For breakfast, Rina advised to eat foods that contain low glycemic index (GI) . Foods with low GI levels are less starch and high fiber content will have on the body’s metabolism is slower so that creates a feeling full longer.

While foods containing high levels of IG will quickly raise blood sugar levels. Also tend to be high calorie, so easy to raise the weight. That is why it is important to select food for breakfast.

“A good breakfast, for example, fruit salad and yogurt, or cereal. It appears that they are not enough, but actually are solid enough because they all contain low GI. After that, between breakfast and lunch it is a distance, try eat  snack at 10.00. Do not wait until being too hungry because if hunger, we tend to eat a lot, and tend to high-GI diet “,  said the woman who also works as a holistic aromatherapist this.

Another way to outsmart the content of GI is to combine low-GI foods and high GI. For example, bread with chocolate (chocolate including low GI foods were) so the result is food with the IG medium. In order not to get bored, try making a variety of food for breakfast. Fruit that you eat as breakfast, for example, can also be dipped in melted dark chocolate. Or, take the fruit and sprinkle soybar over your fruit salad.

“You also can soften the fruit soybar, then used as a topping for ice cream for breakfast. Or, when making muffins, fruit soybar-paste can be mixed in muffin batter her,” said Rina.

To you who are dieting, Rina suggested to not be enslaved by the tongue. That is, just want to eat a diet that fits on the tongue. Healthy foods that tend to usually do not like. However, after that you will get used and become like it.

Since breakfast is will affect the energy required to work  it is recommended  to eat breakfast everyday to maintain your health.

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